I had applied online to the same job 4 times and never heard a word back. Within 3 days, BossFinder.com provided me with contact information for the hiring manager and, a week later, I had an interview scheduled!

– Eduardo M., Boca Raton, FL

Unique and effective service. Wish I had discovered this years ago – it would have saved me so much time and energy!

– Robert K., Lisle, IL

This is so much better than just waiting and waiting to see if you get a response from a company you’ve applied to. Kudos to BossFinder.com.

– Kyle M., New York, NY

BossFinder.com delivers on their promise to provide accurate contact information for a Hiring Manager.

– John B., Plano, TX

This is a great concept! In addition to giving me direct contact information for a Hiring Manager for the job I wanted, BossFinder.com also provided me with a sample e-mail I could use as a template for reaching out. I highly recommend this service.

– Vince C., Parsippany, NJ

Thanks to BossFinder.com, I was able to e-mail and call the hiring manager for my dream job, which got me an interview – even though HR never forwarded my resume. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hired, but never would have even gotten an interview without BossFinder.

– Meagan J., Irvine, CA

I applied to the same job for weeks through various website without hearing anything back from the company’s HR Department. I was becoming VERY frustrated, because I knew I had the skills they needed. BossFinder.com quickly provided contact information for the Hiring Manager so I could follow up directly.

– Elizabeth, M., San Jose, CA

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