About BossFinder


The most common frustration among today’s job seekers is that they apply for roles online and never get any type of response from the employer. After years of listening to this same complaint from candidates, we developed a solution:


We discovered that the resumes of many qualified candidates fail to progress beyond their initial landing spot within corporate Talent Acquisition or HR Departments.  As a result, the person most interested in seeing qualified resumes, the candidate’s potential new boss who has an opening in his or her Department, never has an opportunity to view them.

Our Solution

BossFinder.com connects candidates directly to Hiring Managers, bypassing the traditional HR gatekeepers. We provide you with the name, title, direct email address, and current phone number of the Hiring Manager for the position(s) you’ve applied for online.

Who We Are

BossFinder.com is staffed by a team of highly talented Recruiters with combined experience of over 70 years. Our shared vision is to transform today’s over-automated job search process by putting the “human” back into Human Resources.

Social Responsibility

At BossFinder.com, our commitment to putting the “human” back into human resources extends even further to our brave men and women in uniform. A portion of all BossFinder.com sales is donated to HireHeroesUSA.org, a charity dedicated to helping returning veterans transition into the civilian workforce.


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